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Examples Word Origin See additional synonyms on noun 1. the act of a one that shops. 2. the facilities or items available to individuals who shop: Chicago has excellent shopping.

“That’s once the ulcer started off,” she stated. (Like several other former staff, the girl requested that her name not be applied since her current corporation does business enterprise with Amazon. Some current personnel were being hesitant being determined mainly because they have been barred from Talking with reporters.)

An oldie but goodie, EBay has actually been an early online stand-in for that incredible good aunt who nonchalantly showers us with vintage Chanel that many of us wish we could have.

Beta "Beta" is usually a volatility measurement of a stock mutual fund or ETF as opposed to a equivalent benchmark just like the S&P five hundred inventory index.

In operates of artwork, battles between Amazons and Greeks are put on the exact same level as – and infrequently connected to – battles of Greeks and centaurs. The belief of their existence, on the other hand, acquiring been after accepted and introduced into your national poetry and art, it became essential to surround them as far as you can with the looks of natural beings. Amazons were consequently depicted from the fashion of Scythian or Sarmatian horsemen. Their occupation was looking and war; their arms the bow, spear, axe, a 50 % defend, almost in The form of a crescent, referred to as pelta, and in early art a helmet. The product in the Greek intellect had evidently been the goddess Athena. In afterwards artwork they approach the design of Artemis, putting on a skinny gown, girt large for pace; though within the afterwards painted vases their gown is usually peculiarly Persian – which is, close-fitting trousers and a higher cap known as the kidaris.

Amazon feminism can be a branch of feminism that emphasizes woman Actual physical prowess as a means to achieve the objective of gender equality.

"Beside the land of Chaldea is the land of Amazonia, that's the land of Feminye. As well as in that realm is all woman and no male; not as some could say, that Adult men may well not Stay there, but for because the women will never experience no Adult men among them to be their sovereigns."[119]

The God Dionysus and his entourage fought the amazons at Ephesus, the amazons fled to Samos, but Dionysus pursued them and at Samos he killed an awesome quantity of them on a place which was, from that prevalence, called Panaema (Greek: Πάναιμα), which implies blood-soaked area.

Resources are occasionally hoarded. That features promising career candidates, who're Specifically cherished on Bing at a firm which has a substantial variety of open positions.

“This is certainly an organization that strives to accomplish actually huge, revolutionary, groundbreaking items, and those issues aren’t simple,” stated Susan Harker, Amazon’s leading recruiter. “Any time you’re shooting to the moon, the nature from the function is absolutely difficult. For a number of people it doesn’t get the job done.”

I love amazon but this app wants enhancements. The ui is outdated rather than user friendly. By way of example, to return towards the merchandise from the testimonials, you must press back again several times or make use of the aspect bar to see latest items. Total Overview Convergence Organizations Oct thirteen, 2017

The online shopping go-to that pulls each individual glance, type and colour from the net Once your only start line is “Oxford shoe.” The Silicon Valley brainchild also read here curates runway and Road design and style-encouraged appears and how to shop the outfit for less.

a person who does guide operate. the workmen on a constructing web-site. werksman, arbeider عامِل يَدَوي، حِرَفي работник operário dělník, -ice der Arbeiter arbejder εργάτηςobrero; obrera tööline کارگر، صنعنت کار työmies ouvrier/-ière פועל शारीरिक श्रम करने वाले लोग radnik munkás kuli navigate to these guys verkamaður operaio 労働者 직공, 숙련공 darbininkas strādnieks pekerja buruh arbeiderarbeiderrobotnik مزدور، اجير،اكثراً ماهر كار ګر trabalhador muncitor, muncitoare рабочии; работница robotník, -čka ročni delavec radnik arbetare, hantverkare คนงาน; ช่าง işçi 工人 робітник مزدور công nhân 工人

2. properly done. a workmanlike work. goed gedane مِثْل الصّانِع الماهِر изкусен profissional dobře udělaný fachmännisch gedigen καλοφτιαγμένος, επαγγελματικόςbien hecho published here meisterlik ماهرانه ammattimainen bien faitמקצועי कार्यकुशल dobro obavljen szakszerű dilakukan dengan baik haglega gerður (ben fatto), (a regola d'arte) 手ぎわのよい 솜씨 있는 gerai atliktas, kvalifikuotas prasmīgs; meistarīgs baik dan rapi buatannya vakkundigfagmessig utførtfachowy ماهرانه bem feito bine făLower искусный dobre urobený mojstrski stručan väl original site utförd, gedigen ซึ่งมีฝีมือ; ซึ่งทำงานดี ustaca yapılmış 技術嫻熟的 вправний استادی کا khéo léo 有技巧的,工作熟练的

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